Free delivery in New Zealand on orders over $50

Delivery and Postage FAQs


How much does delivery cost in New Zealand?

Just $5 per order, or free delivery for purchases of $50 or more.  


Is there any extra charge for rural deliveries?

Sadly, yes, but just a small one - an extra $2 (total charge $7).  It actually costs us more than that, but we've decided to split the difference with you and pick up part of the charge.

If you are rural and have an urban delivery address available, we'd love it if you could use that address though - it'll mean faster delivery for you and less cost for both of us. 

How long does it take to deliver?

If it's on our website, it's in stock, so we have it ready to pack for you.   As a general rule, orders are sent the same or next working day after they are received.   This means urban addresses may receive their deliveries the next working day, however rural addresses go via New Zealand Post's rural delivery system and are subject to their delivery schedules, so can take a couple of days longer. 

Life is busy though, and bees are demanding of their beekeepers at the best of times, so if you really need a delivery within a tight timeframe, it's a good idea to get in touch with us either through messenger on our facebook shop, or feel free to phone 06 876 8852, and we'll do our best to help. 

Who do you deliver through?

Most often we use Fastway Couriers, and if the delivery is rural they will pass it on to New Zealand Post's rural delivery network. 

Couriers can only deliver to phsyical addresses though, so if you give us a PO Box, your order will be sent untracked via NZ Post.  We'd rather use a courier address where possible- the courier is much faster, your order is tracked, and it saves us a trip into town to post your order.

We love Fastway for their speed and reliability.... but also because they are the one courier business who will happily transport boxes of our bees to their new owners and homes each spring - yes, that's right, a box of bees.   10-20,000 of them in a box usually - collected and cared for first by  our local driver, and then passed on overnight to drivers heading to all points in the North Island.  They're fragile, these baby hives, and precious... heat and time sensitive...  and Fastway has always got them to their new homes in good time. 

It takes some moxie to handle bees when you're not a beekeeper, and we respect that, so we'll back that up by giving them the rest of our business too. 

What about packaging?  Do you use plastic?

We're committed to eliminating plastic wherever we can - the clear bags our kits are packaged in are NOT plastic.  They are genuine cellophane, made from vegetable cellulose and are fully biodegradable and home compostable. 

And we're very happy to announce that the black courier bags we use are also NOT plastic!  They are from, are made from plants (mostly corn I believe), and are fully biodegradable, and home compostable.  And, a little oddly, they smell like fresh toast, or maybe popcorn!

It's not just plastic we're about reducing though - You'll see on our naked DIY blocks you have the option to buy without packaging, and on every one of our ready-made wrap pages we encourage customers to let us know if they don't need individual packaging on the wraps. 

(updated 14 January 2019)