Discover the World of Beeswax Bags and Wraps for Better Food Storage

Are you considering beeswax bags or food wraps for your kitchen? You're making a great choice. At Dee's Bees, we offer a wide range of beeswax food wraps and DIY kits to give you the plastic-free food storage solutions that you want. You'll save money, help protect the environment, and keep your food fresher longer - all while loving the look of these fun wraps. Making the right choice for you, your family, and the planet has never been easier.

What Sets Dee's Bees Apart Regarding Beeswax Food Bags?

Why buy from Dee's Bees instead of other brands? We have several reasons:

  • We're cheaper. We offer our customers lower prices than the larger brands - in and of itself an excellent reason to shop with us. However, we also provide better quality, which means that your value for money skyrockets when you buy our beeswax food wraps and DIY kits.
  • We offer a wider range of choices. Personalise your order by choosing the patterns you like the most - we have more than any other supplier. Choose from a variety of patterns for all ages and styles. Whether you're heading to the office, taking your family on a picnic, or sending your child to school, we have the perfect wrap to suit.
  • We're experienced beekeepers. We've been beekeepers for over 13 years, and in that time, we've learned a lot about caring for bees and using their products in beneficial ways. Because the beeswax used in our wraps and DIY kits comes directly from the beekeeper, you can be confident that we know our wax and supply high-quality products.
  • We give you options - buy premade or DIY. You can choose from our variety of ready-to-use beeswax snack bags and food wraps, or you may prefer your beeswax wraps DIY. Our DIY kits include everything you need to make your own food wraps in the fun patterns of your choice. the wrap kit's include everything to make the wrap excluding the fabric. The fabric for the wrap can differ from pattern to size therefore purchasing specially made fabric is highly recommended. Check out some of our awesome fabric , a personalised touch to suit every design need here.

What You Should Know About Beeswax Snack Bags DIY

If you're concerned that making your own beeswax food wraps is difficult, don't be - it's easy! Your order will come with detailed instructions, so you can't go wrong. Here are the basics.

  • Choose your fabric and cut it to size. Choose from our wide range of patterns. Then, cut your fabric to the sizes you want. The number of food wraps you can make with your kit depends on the size of your pieces.
  • Gather your supplies. You'll need your fabric, your beeswax blend block, a baking tray, baking paper, and a vegetable peeler to make your wraps.
    Shave your beeswax blend onto your fabric. Using the vegetable peeler, you'll shave the beeswax onto your piece of fabric.
  • Heat in oven. "Bake" your wax-covered fabric sheets at 100 degrees Celsius for three to five minutes. Lift them off the tray before the wax cools down and hardens.
  • Enjoy your wraps. You now have plastic-free food wraps that are ready to use anytime you want them.

We recommend you use organic cotton fabric with our Unpackaged Blocks. If you have beeswax food wraps from another manufacturer and they need a little pick-me-up, use our Recharge Kit to extend their life.

Benefits of Beeswax Reusable Food Bags

Our beeswax wrap bags are made of bright, colourful fabric and a special beeswax blend. They help keep food fresher longer than other wraps while looking stylish and fun. Here are some of the specific benefits of reusable beeswax bags.

  • A wide range of uses. You can use beeswax food wraps in place of regular plastic wraps and other disposable food storage materials. Whether you want to seal a bowl or other container of food, wrap up a sandwich for work, pack your child's lunchbox, or use it to store fruits and veggies, cheese, or bread, beeswax food wrap has a multitude of potential uses.
  • Low maintenance. Beeswax food wraps are very easy to care for - simply wash in cold water (so that the beeswax blend doesn't melt) using a mild soap. Then, let your wraps air dry - and that's it. Do keep in mind that because you cannot wash beeswax wraps in hot water, we don't recommend using these wraps with raw meat.
  • Long-lasting reusability. Beeswax food wraps can last about a year when you care for them properly. You can maximise their lifespan by placing in an oven at 100 degrees Celsius for 3-5 minutes, and adding a few extra shavings of blend if necessary. Because these wraps last so long, they can save you a significant amount of money in plastic wraps and other disposable food containers.

About Dee's Bees

At Dee's Bees, we have 13 years' beekeeping experience, and we've learned a lot from and about bees. Every bee works hard as a member of a team and, together, they produce extremely beneficial goods that we can use, including honey, royal jelly, bee pollen, and - our favourite - beeswax. We use beeswax to seal our food wraps and make them natural, safe, and effective for keeping food fresher for longer. Browse our online store to find a wide range of beeswax sandwich bags, snack bags, salad bags, and food wraps in a variety of fun patterns. Contact us to learn more.