Buy a Beeswax Wraps DIY Kit and DIY Some Cute New Food Wraps

What can you do with a beeswax wraps DIY kit? Many things - especially make a set of adorable and useful new food wraps from Dee's Bees. We offer quality beeswax food wraps and DIY kits in the largest range of patterns in NZ. Find the one you love the most and upgrade the way you store and transport your food.

Creative Uses for a DIY Beeswax Wrap Kit

Beeswax is an amazingly versatile natural ingredient for DIY home and beauty products. There are countless possible uses for beeswax. Here are a few ideas, starting with our beeswax wrap DIY kit.

  • DIY food wraps. Food wraps are one of the most useful ways to use beeswax and the heart and soul of what we do at Dee's Bees. Beeswax food wraps can help you reduce single-use plastics while keeping your food fresher. Choose from our ready-to-use food wraps or our DIY kits, which include everything you need to make your own wraps to suit your style.

Creative Uses for Beeswax Pellets

  • Homemade soaps. Beeswax is a common ingredient in many soap recipes because it helps make the soap harder and longer-lasting. It is a safe, gentle ingredient that won't damage skin and rarely causes allergic reactions, even in individuals with sensitive skin. Beeswax also helps form a protective barrier that seals in moisture and helps keep skin soft.
  • Relief of cold symptoms. Are you suffering from the cough and congestion so common with colds? You can use beeswax to help in several ways. Try melting and blending it with olive oil or coconut oil and the essential oils of your choice to make a homemade vapour rub. Or, combine it with coconut oil and herbs such as dried calendula flowers for a balm that soothes sore noses.

Benefits of Our Reusable Beeswax Wraps DIY

From our beeswax cloth food wrap DIY kits to our sandwich, snack, and salad bags storing and transporting your food has never been easier or more fun. Here are some of the advantages of beeswax food wraps.

  • Food stays fresher longer. When compared to other types of wraps that aren't as secure, your food will stay fresher longer in a beeswax wrap. Say goodbye to soggy or dried out meals and hello to a better, tastier lunch. You may even find that your kids eat more of their lunches, too!
  • Cute patterns to suit your style. We offer a huge variety of colours and patterns so that you can find one that suits your tastes. Choose from wraps decorated with buzzing bees, fun flowers, appealing apples, and many more - we have something for every age and preference.
  • Less single-use plastics in the world. One beeswax wrap can last about a year with regular use. That's about 70 metres of single-use plastic you won't use - which means that you'll save on food waste and help keep the environment healthier.
  • Less money spent on food wraps. Because beeswax wraps can be used over and over again for around a year, you'll spend significantly less than you usually would on plastic wrap and other food containers. When you buy from Dees' Bees, you'll save even more because we offer the lowest prices than the other, larger brands - but we don't skimp on quality.

About Dee's Bees

Whether you would like to purchase food wraps that are ready to use or you're more the “make your own” type, we have what you need. We offer a full range of premade food wraps of different types to suit your individual needs. Or, choose our DIY beeswax wraps kit, complete with the beeswax blend and instructions that you need to make your own batch of natural, safe food wraps of the sizes and shapes that work best for you. We also offer Afterpay to make it as easy as possible to enjoy these innovative products. Contact us today with any questions.