Cut Down on Single-Use Plastics at Home with Beeswax Wraps

If you are looking for an easy and fun way to establish greener and more sustainable practices in your household, consider trying out beeswax wraps. From sandwich bags to plastic wrap, many people don't realise just how much plastic they are using and throwing away on a daily or weekly basis. Replacing these common food packaging options with beeswax wraps is a simple step that can cut down on your plastic usage considerably.

The Benefits of a Beeswax Wrap Kit

Instead of just selling beeswax wraps, we sell a variety of beeswax wrap kit products that you or your loved ones can use to make wraps ready for reusable food storage. Of course, you can also purchase readymade wraps or bags, but here are a few of the benefits of our kits:

  • They are fun. Making wraps involves shaving or grating our beeswax blend onto a piece of fabric with a pattern of your choosing. Next, you heat the beeswax blend with an oven or iron to make sure it infuses into the fabric. Just like that, you're ready to start using your wraps for food storage.
  • You can create the wraps you need. One of the more frustrating components of shopping for reusable food storage bags or containers is that you have to work with the sizes you can find. With a beeswax wrap making kit from Dee's Bees, it easier than ever before to make your own wraps at home. DIY is a terrific option if you need a wrap of a specific or unconventional size - choose from our range of pure cotton fabrics and you can make exactly the right size wrap for your needs.
  • They are good for the planet. Once you finish making a set of wraps with your beeswax wraps kit, you can expect each wrap to last about a year with regular use. We estimate that trading single-use plastics for our wraps can replace about 70 metres of single-use plastic for each wrap you make. Also, once your wraps come to the end of their life, you can dispose of them knowing that they are fully biodegradable.

What Sets Dee's Bees Apart Regarding Beeswax Wraps?

If you are shopping for beeswax wraps or a beeswax wraps kit, keep these factors in mind to understand what makes Dee's Bees the ideal place to buy these products:

  • We are beekeepers by trade. We haven't just jumped on the beeswax bandwagon because wax wraps are gaining traction as reusable food storage. On the contrary, we have been beekeeping for 13 years and spend most of our time fostering bee colonies, producing honey, inspecting hives and consulting on beekeeping matters.
  • We are more economical. Our prices for beeswax wrap kits are lower than what you will find from most wrap producers. The DIY aspect of our product allows us to pass on savings to our customers while also giving them more flexibility with the products they buy.
  • We provide a more extensive range of patterns. One area of flexibility we can offer due to the DIY nature of our product kits is a wider variety of colours and patterns. Typically, beeswax wrap designs are relatively generic and boring. Our patterns are interesting and fun.

A beeswax wrap making kit is a perfect gift for someone who is craft and green-conscious, as well as a great investment for a household that is trying to reduce its reliance on single-use plastics. If you have any questions about our kits or the materials we use, contact us today.