Interested in Making Beeswax Wraps? Dee's Bees Can Help

Have you heard about making beeswax wraps? Beeswax food wraps are reusable food wraps and containers that you can use in place of plastic bags and other disposable food containers to save on time, money, and waste. At Dee's Bees, we offer everything you need to make your own homemade bees wrap.

Benefits of Making Wax Wraps

You can buy beeswax food wraps that are ready to use but making them is so much more fun! Here are a few good reasons to opt for a DIY kit.

  • To choose your own design. When you make your own beeswax wraps, you can choose virtually any cotton fabric you like. The sky's the limit when it comes to sizes, shapes, and patterns, so get creative and make a whole batch of colourful, stylish wraps.
  • To get the kids involved. As long as you supervise the parts that involve heating the wax to melt, making your own beeswax wraps is a fun project that the whole family can participate in while learning about safe food storage, saving money, and making eco-friendly choices.
  • To be more environmentally conscious. Beeswax food wraps are ideal if you want to help conserve our planet. They are just as easy to use as plastic sandwich bags and other containers, you can reuse one wrap over 100 times, and you can simply add them to your compost bin when they reach the end of their lifespan.

Creative Uses for Your Homemade Bees Wrap

Do you love the idea of making wax wraps but aren't sure that you'd have enough uses for them? There are countless ways to use beeswax food wraps, such as:

  • Wrapping cut fruit for later. Do you have half a lemon, apple, or avocado that you'd like to save for later use? Fruits come in various shapes and sizes, so it's helpful to have a flexible wrap to seal up even an odd-shaped piece of food.
  • Folding it into a box shape. Wraps aren't just for wrapping; you can also fold them into box shapes to hold small food items such as berries or grapes. Or, simply scrunch the wrap around the food for an easy holder.
  • Replace single-use plastics. Do you regularly take your lunch to work (or pack your child's lunch for school)? Use your beeswax food wraps as holders for sandwiches, salads, and more. Place your dirty flatware into the wrap until you get home to help keep your lunch bag clean.

About Dee's Bees

At Dee's Bees, we offer the most extensive range of patterns of high-quality handmade beeswax wraps in New Zealand. Because we are the beekeepers ourselves, we know our beeswax, and we know that you're getting an excellent product that you'll be able to use repeatedly. We are passionate about providing simple solutions for busy families that help make your life a little easier. Contact Dee's Bees for more information.