The Many Advantages of a Reusable Beeswax Wrap

As more and more people seek to reduce their reliance on sandwich bags, plastic wrap, disposable plastic containers and other single-use plastics, reusable beeswax wrap options are going to continue becoming more popular and commonplace. At Dee's Bees, we offer a range of beeswax wraps and bags for purchase, along with kits that will enable you to make your own beeswax wraps.

The Benefits of a Reusable Beeswax Wrap

We find that our customers value these products for many reasons - from sustainable to practical. Some of the benefits of beeswax wraps for food storage include:

  • Better sustainability. We've all read horror stories of how many single-use plastics end up in the ocean or affecting other parts of the environment. Beeswax wraps are reusable - you'll get at least a year out of ours with frequent reuse - and are biodegradable at the end of their lifespan.
  • Fresher food. We often hear from parents who start using our beeswax wraps to pack their kids' lunches - and then start noting that their kids are eating more of their food and enjoying it more. In a plastic bag or wrapped in plastic wrap, it's not uncommon for sandwiches or other snacks either to go soggy or dry out. Our wraps keep food fresher, crisper and more flavourful - something that everyone can appreciate.
  • Reduction in food waste. If you've been using plastic bags or plastic bags to package all your leftovers, you'll appreciate the improved freshness that beeswax wraps offer across your entire menu. In turn, your leftovers will stay good for longer - not only simplifying lunches and dinners for the week but significantly cutting down on the amount of food you end of throwing away.

Tips Regarding the Beeswax Wrap Iron Method

We encourage our customers to look into our DIY beeswax wrap kits. With these kits, you use what we call the ‘beeswax wrap iron method' to make your own beeswax wraps. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of this method:

  • Pick a pattern that suits you or your kids. There's an arts-and-crafts element to the DIY beeswax wrap iron method, and it starts in our shop. Each kit comes with a block of our beeswax blend, along with a ready made wrap to serve as an example. Pick a pattern that reflects your personality, or that your kids will love. We also have a wide selection of cotton fabrics available in store for you to make your wraps with!
  • Get everyone involved. Making your own beeswax wraps is easy. All you need to do is grate or shave pieces of the beeswax blend onto the fabric and heat it with an iron to infuse it into the fabric (hence the ‘DIY iron beeswax method'). It's a fun activity to do with your kids.
  • Measure custom cuts of the fabric. One of the big advantages of choosing an iron beeswax wraps kit (rather than buying finished wraps) is that you can measure out custom lengths and dimensions of fabric for your wraps. If there's a pan or baking dish that you can never seem to wrap properly with conventional wrap sizes, a DIY kit is your best bet to get a beeswax wrap to suit.

Our kits for iron beeswax wraps are the best, most fun and most customisable option available to purchase reusable beeswax wraps for food storage. Get started today, or contact us directly to ask any questions you might have.