Keep Your Food Fresher with Our Fun DIY Wax Food Wraps

Beeswax wraps are wax food wraps made of fabric infused with a unique beeswax blend. These wraps can be moulded into virtually any shape to help cover or contain leftover food or lunchbox items, such as sandwiches. Concerned about single-use plastics? Beeswax wraps are an incredibly easy and fun way to replace them in your kitchen and do your part to protect the environment. Find your DIY wax wraps at Dee's Bees.

Problems DIY Wax Wraps Address

Beeswax food wraps help you store your leftover food properly for optimal safety and freshness. Here are a few of the problems you could encounter from storing your food incorrectly – and how beeswax wraps can help.

  • Storing food inappropriately. Wrapping food incorrectly or in inappropriate containers can lead to faster spoilage. When you use beeswax food wraps, you can choose the size that you need for the amount of food you have to store and wrap it securely for longer-lasting freshness.
  • Leaving large packages of food stored together. You may buy large containers of food to save money, but it's a waste if the food spoils before you can use it. Try breaking a large package into smaller sealed containers to keep them fresher and even freeze if necessary, so that you don't waste your investment.

Tips Regarding Your Wax Wrap Kit

Making your own beeswax food wraps is very simple and rewarding. Like anything else, however, you'll achieve the best results with a little know-how. Here are a few tips to help you out.

  • Purchase a kit. You can roll the dice with the many Internet recipes that you can find. Still, you'll save time, money, and headaches by simply choosing a Dee's Bees DIY kit containing everything you need in the perfect proportions to give you functional and adorable beeswax wraps.
  • Wash and dry your fabric first. It's a good idea to wash and dry the fabric that you'll be using before infusing it with wax. First of all, you'll get any shrinkage out of the way before you apply the wax, and you'll also ensure that your food wraps are clean and ready to use right away.
  • Check for dry spots after the first coat of beeswax. Once you've melted your first coating of beeswax on your fabric, inspect the fabric for dry spots. These are spots that are not infused with beeswax. Brush your beeswax blend over the dry areas and heat again to melt and smooth out the texture.

About Dee's Bees

At Dee's Bees, we love a good DIY project, and our beeswax food wraps are an excellent project for most ages – simple, fun, and useful. Choose the DIY kit that suits your needs best, whether that means our standard Food Wrap Kit, our Twin Pack, or our Unpackaged Blocks – a kit containing only bars of our beeswax blend and instructions for making your own wraps. We are always happy to answer your questions, so contact us today to learn more.