Beehives farm

Hi there!  I’m the Dee of “Dee’s Bees”.  

Kev and I have been keeping bees since 2007, and what started as something we could enjoy working on together has turned into a full-time fascination and passion.   It wasn’t that much of a leap, really.  We were both working in horticulture and organics, so we both already had a passion for growing stuff… we just didn’t expect it to be growing insects!

Today we keep around 150 beehives around Hawke’s Bay.  That’s still small potatoes in beekeeping terms.. but we only keep hives in numbers that allow us to give them the best quality of care and attention... and still give the same to our kids.  It’s all about balance, you see.

Like everyone else, we’re painfully aware of the plastic pollution situation, and a few years ago we became aware of beeswax wraps as a replacement for single use plastic clingwrap.   Brilliant!    And beeswax!  Right up our alley!

Except they were expensive, and there wasn’t much choice in patterns. 

Or if you wanted to make your own, you had to pick through a dozen dodgy internet recipes, and end up creating a whole lot more waste… if the recipe worked at all!

So I decided to make it easy to make your own beeswax wraps, and we were the first in New Zealand to offer a pre-blended block of beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil.  Our recipe is so good we’ve only tweaked it once – we moved from pine to damar tree resin, which has a more neutral scent that allows the beeswax scent to shine.

Since those early days, we’ve grown from our DIY kits to offer a full range of ready-made beeswax wraps and our new beeswax bags, and we’re very proud to offer the widest range of patterns you’ll find anywhere.

A while ago we started to branch out into other beeswax, natural, eco-friendly and just plain 'things Dee loves to make' products, and we're really excited to bring these to you.